Award-winning progressive folk sextet Pons Aelius...

...bring their own brand of high energy yet meticulously crafted instrumental music to the table.  Featuring an arsenal of instruments, from bagpipes to mandolin, the  band produces a distinctive sound that breathes life into age old  traditions and melds them with innovative original material. 

Since winning a prestigious Celtic Connections Danny Kyle Award in their  early days, Pons Aelius have worked tirelessly hone their distinctive  sound on stages both at home and abroad, quickly earning themselves a  reputation as one of the most exciting new names on the circuit. In  September 2017, they released their much awaited debut album Captain  Glen’s Comfort, to rave reviews. 

Pons  Aelius, who met on the Newcastle folk scene, have since been touring in  the UK and Europe to support the album’s release leaving nothing but  stunned audiences behind.


Date:  Thursday 16th May
Doors: 7:30PM

Support:  Ólta (Paul Higham & India Shan Merrett)

Tickets: £10 from Bay Tree Books, Dukes Coffee Shop, Double 4 Records or online.
Please call 07493408726 for more information  



“Newcastle-based,  Scots-infused sextet Pons Aelius have made quite a name for themselves  on the live circuit over the past couple of years, so the question with  their debut album was always going to be whether they could bottle the  magic for domestic consumption. The good news is… this does the job just  fine.“ 

Oz Hardwick, RnR Magazine 

 “While  there’s no shortage of individual talent on display, the strength of  Captain Glen’s Comfort lies in the sound Pons Aelius make as a band.“ 

Nick Hart, Bright Young Folk

“Pons  Aelius are a testament to the strength of the North East folk scene.  With a healthy share of Scots, they’re the most exciting band to come  out of Newcastle in a long time. Their musical style is a wild  liberation from the ordinary that fits the post-trad generation like a  glove. Their original material is skillful and sincere. I can’t wait to  see where they’ll be in a few years time.” 

David Foley, RURA.