The most authentic sound and look-a-like tributes to the mighty Led Zeppelin in the UK...

Fantastic tribute to the mighty Led Zeppelin by The UK's premier look and sound alike show, 'The Zeppelin Experience'... and it's their first visit to the Crystal Ballroom Glossop! The band perform all the classic songs accurately and with passion, creating a stunning visual and sounding event. Previous shows regularly sold out within a month of the event so ensure your place and reserve your tickets. Check out the band on facebook and come and experience the best tribute around. 

All in all great players, showmen and personalities that join to make a terrific show for audiences to enjoy.  The band mainly play theatre and civic venues plus festivals in the UK, recently selling out at Both Romiley Forum and Alsager Civic.

Tickets & Information

Date: Friday 20th September

Doors: 8:30PM  

Tickets: £10 advance plus booking fee

Available from Bay Tree Books, Dukes, Double Four Records, at the bar, or online.
Join the event on facebook 

Please call 07493408726 for more information  

About The Band

David Joseph as John Bonham

  The current line-up includes three of the five original members who started out in the 90’s as Led Zebedee, one of the first tributes to the mighty Led Zep. Over the years they have evolved into what is arguably their most authentic line up and today they provide a true feel and experience of Led Zeppelin in their concerts. 

John Angus as Robert Plant

John Angus whose role is that of Robert Plant recently returned to the band as their prolific frontman on vocals, after many years fronting his own original blues band and has added that extra spark of energy both on and off stage in taking more of a management role to secure gigs and  events for the band. 

Jason Smith as Paul Jones

There is no punch without bass and Jason Smith fits the bill perfectly as John Paul Jones. His precision timing and talent as a guitarist ensure that the Zeppelin Experience rhythm section is solid and tight.  

David Ellis as himself

 Just like many top four piece  guitar based bands a fifth member to add keys is often used at live shows and The Zeppelin Experience have just the right guy in David Ellis, a professional musician and brilliant pianist who joins the band to play the big hitters like Kashmir, Since I’ve been loving you and No Quarter plus many more. 

Bram Duckworth as Jimmy Page

  Bram Duckworth as Jimmy Page and David Joseph as John Bonham were asked by the BBC to visit their studios and talk about the band and the commitment that is needed to perform at such a high level in tribute to such legends in Rock. They explained that “It is not just about technical ability but more about the feel and passion.” 


Here they are in action...